Hi, the NoGood company is made up of John Moran and Khalid Mahmoud. We’re just a couple of Engineers from the south coast of the UK that have given this clothing brand thing a go, we don’t claim to be anything we're not, we just got inspired by a number of people and thought why not give it a shot?

NoGood was a phrase coined by a good friend of ours and when Khalid got back from visiting him in Australia, he couldn’t stop using it. John caught on and thought it would be clever to get someone to design a logo then slap it on a T-shirt, Khalid went along with it and NoGood Clothing was born.

A few months later we thought we might as well take it seriously, so we grabbed a wicked design team (big up Peakaboo!) for a revamp, some secret ninja designers for all the other shizzle and some great suppliers to form what we have now. We want to grow organically and think this could be big, well we want it to be big, we want to help whomever we can on the way and give this the best crack.

So where are we going, and what is the NoGood clothing brand going to be about? Well we’re quite into the whole urban thing, we like urban music, we love extreme sports and we want the NoGood brand to echo our passions through our clothing designs. We both live by the beach, so we'd like to bring a coastal influence to our brand.

The concept of NoGood as actually the reverse of what it sounds, we really mean by wearing our stuff you are amazing. The kid in crown logo signifies everyone having a king or queen inside them, even before they know it, you just have to find out how to activate it! An aspirational inspirational brand that wants to grow with you.

Anyway, we hope you can support us on our adventure, wherever it takes us and don’t hesitate to get in touch even if it’s just for ideas, we want to know your thoughts!

...The story continues, we've had our first set of press releases through the Bournemouth Echo & Isle of Wight County Press. This is a proud moment for us and has helped us raise our profile tremendously, so thanks goes out to the reporters/editors on point!